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  • Advantages of Plastic Bags and Disadvantages of Plastic Bags Packaging
  • Add time:2018-11-22

With the improvement of people's living standards the development of market economy, the demfor plastic flexible packaging is increasing year by year, it is becoming more more upscale. The characteristics of plastic flexible packaging, such as bright color, novel design convenient use, induce consumers to fill the market, especially in large small supermarkets. As an invisible product advertisement, it attracts customers to buy promotes sales. Many agricultural markets supermarkets are using plastic bags to pack cooked food. In fact, many plastic bags are toxic, especially colorful plastic bags, which themselves contain a lot of toxins. Because color plastic bags belong to recycled plastic bags, the colorants used usually contain benzopyridine, which is a strong carcinogen. After contact with food, it may be transferred to food cause chronic poisoning. In addition, the latest research shows that plasticizers in plastic products are also carcinogens, recycled plastics are more likely to leak out when they are in contact with food, especially oily food, due to poor processing other reasons. People are accustomed to using poisonous bags. They are both victims of carcinogens unconsciously acts as disseminators of carcinogens. Now many cooked foods such as oil sticks are spread in thin, stinky plastic bags in the morning. The carcinogens leak out faster do more harm.

The shortcomings of plastic bag packaging: 1. Pollution to the environment; 2. White pollution because of its non-degradability; 3. The harmful gas will be released by the plastic itself. Because of long-term accumulation in the sealed bag, the concentration will increase with the increase of sealing time, resulting in different degrees of food contamination in the bag.

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