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  • How to identify toxic plastic bags?
  • Add time:2018-11-22

Food plastic bags are often used in people's lives, but we must be careful when using them. Some plastic bags are poisonous. How to identify which plastic bags are poisonous which ones are non-toxic?

1. Touch by hand: Touch the surface of plastic bags by hand, which is smooth non-toxic; sticky, astringent waxy are toxic.

2. Listen with your ears: When you shake the plastic bag with your hands, make a crisp sound indicating that it is a non-toxic plastic bag; while the sound is small dull, it is a toxic plastic bag.

3. naked eye inspection: non-toxic plastic bags are white, transparent or transparent, with uniform texture; toxic plastic bags are colored or white, but with poor transparency, turbidity, uneven surface tension small particles.

4. Smell plastic bags with your nose: Non-toxic plastic bags are tasteless; those with irritating odor or abnormal taste are toxic.

5. Submergence test method: Put plastic bags in water, press them to the bottom with your hands, wait a moment, the surface of the water is non-toxic plastic packaging bags, the bottom of the water is toxic plastic packaging bags.

6. Combustion method: non-toxic plastic bags are flammable, the flame tip is yellow, the part is blue, when burning, it drips like candle tears, has the smell of paraffin; toxic plastic bags are not easy to burn, extinguish immediately after fire, the flame tip is yellow or black, the bottom is green, softening can draw wire, can also smell a pungent smell.

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