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  • Method of accurately collecting and storing plastic bags
  • Add time:2018-11-22

The correct method of collecting storing plastic bags can make them durable. Plastic bags are the most important packaging of clothing. That garment manufacturer will use plastic bags as the packaging of clothing. Because plastic bags are adaptable easy to store, the merchants can not notice that they have hurt the plastic bags carelessly. If something goes wrong, they will find the plastic bag manufacturer to deal with it, because the plastic bags suffer. The amount of damage is not very large. In order to retain customers, plastic bag factories will choose compromise method to deal with it. Is it because you did not use the right way to collect the bags when collecting?

One: The place where plastic bags are stored is not cleaned up, sharp hard objects are most likely to damage plastic bags, resulting in unnecessary waste.

Second: Storage of plastic bags warehouse is damp not ventilated, so that plastic bags will absorb a lot of moisture, so the damage of plastic bags is the most serious, often batches of plastic bags because of damp sticking together, all can not be used, become waste, look at the good plastic bags because of the reasons for the collection, it is very painful, so. Be sure to give plastic bags a dry environment.

3: Because plastic bags are flammable products, the environmental requirements for storage are relatively dry, so fire is most likely to occur. The storage warehouse of plastic bags must pay attention to fire prevention, because fire damage is not only plastic bags, it is likely to become a source of ignition, triggering larger fires, plastic bags fire prevention is the most important.

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