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  • Simple Differentiation of PE Flat Bag, Self-sealed Bag, Chain-clip Bag, Envelope Bag, Punched Handbag, Hand-held Handbag, Zipper Bag and PE Film
  • Add time:2018-11-22

1. PE flat pocket is the simplest manufacturing process. After blowing film by machine, it is cut into one bag on top of the bag making machine sealed at the bottom.

2. Self-sealing bags are made by machine blowing film with a bone, which can be manually sealed. Unlike chain-clamping bags, these two kinds of bags are easy to confuse.

3. The chain-clamping bag is a bag made of PE film two chain-clamping chains (the chain-clamping chain is separated) on the top. Generally, there are wider indentations on both sides of the bag, but there are no self-sealing bags. Self-sealed bags have less printing color, while chain-clamped bags can print complex patterns.

4. An envelope bag has a tongue like an envelope. A tape is attached to the tongue folded to seal the bag. Generally, clothing is used more often. express bags are actually a kind of envelope bags.

5. Punching handbag is to punch a hole at the top of flat pocket in order to lift the bag conveniently.

6. Hand-in-hbag is to add plastic film strips at the top of the bag to facilitate the lifting of the bag. This process consumes labor costs relatively high.

7. A zipper bag is a bag with a zipper a zipper cap at the end of the bag.

8. PE film is a kind of film which is blown out by machine not made into bags. It can also be divided into winding film shrinking film.

In the market, there are two common methods, one by one the other by length. Small bags are mainly used for small accessories packaging. Most of the accessories bags of electronic products have anti-static effect. The bags have flat opening self-sealing structure. The latter is also called bone pocket (PE bone bag) or compact bag.

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