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  • How to Develop the Plastic Packaging Bag Industry in the Future
  • Add time:2018-11-22

1, personalization

Personalization was a theme last year, especially in the field of design. Technological advances have triggered a wave of personalization, Coca-Cola Sharing Bottle has brought a global mainstream trend, proving that the idea is very successful. Others have tried interactive personalization, allowing customers to design their own tags.

Personalized bags can increase sales. A quarter of Chinese consumers said they would prefer to buy personalized bags. 61% of American customers said that their perception of brcomes from personalized design of bags. Personalized packaging bags can be designed according to the specific market, such as according to different geographical areas, different consumers to design different packaging bags.

2. Clean clear labels

Nowadays, many consumers attach great importance to product information. When they buy products, they need to know important information such as nutrition, function so on, so that they can decide whether to buy products. Therefore, the label of packaging bags must show these important information simply clearly.

From the consumer's point of view, simple clear label information will increase their trust in products. They hope that food manufacturers can convey the information they want to know to consumers through labels. According to the survey, 58% of customers check ingredient information, while more than three quarters worry about using artificial preservatives.

Visual, tactile, olfactory, taste hearing can attract consumers. Many manufacturers often put visual elements in the first place when considering the elements of packaging bags to attract consumers. However, experts say that touch can most arouse people's senses make consumers more willing to pay higher prices. The tactile method can be used in printing, such as embossing, laser etching, etc. Although this will increase the time cost of bag production, but these additional inputs will help the product gain additional value. These special effects on packaging bags can attract more attention from consumers.

4. Intellectualization

With the rise of mobile communication tools, some information can be conveyed to consumers in a simple intelligent way. Nowadays, the vast majority of consumers carry smartphones when they buy products. They can get more information through Bluetooth NFC. This new technology attracts many consumers. Then NFC technology was introduced to print on the label of liquor bottles. The technology works by sending signals over a short distance so that consumers can talk wirelessly on their smartphones. With the development of the times, packaging bags have become more more intelligent modern. Although the quality of packaging products is important, good quality can keep customers, but good packaging bags can attract more new consumers stimulate consumers'purchasing desire.

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