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  • What should we pay attention to when customizing food preservation plastic bags
  • Add time:2018-11-22

In the articles of fresh-keeping bags, sales, customization, suppliers, plastic bags customized manufacturers direct sales, we all know some unknown knowledge, but for many people, "what is the development trend of OPP plastic bags tea bag packaging industry"? It is still relatively unfamiliar. Today we will understand:

Many food industries use transparent plastic bags to hold food. Many families also buy transparent plastic bags to hold food so as to seal off the flavor when entering the refrigerator. However, we know little about transparent food plastic bags. Among transparent plastic bags, OPP plastic bags are the most common. The properties of this plastic bag are high temperature, but not low temperature resistance. When the contact temperature of OPP plastic bags is higher, the food can remain unchanged. But if the OPP plastic bag is put into the refrigerator, the plastic bag will become brittle, then crack, split so on. Therefore, we try not to use OPP plastic bags for cold meats OPP food, OPP plastic bags are to avoid entering the refrigerator.

Our country is a real big tea country. The tea heat in the Chinese market keeps rising. However, the tea market competition is becoming more more fierce. Therefore, tea packaging has become a magic weapon to attract consumers enhance the competitive advantage of products. Thanks to this, the tea bag industry is also growing. With the attention of tea manufacturers to packaging maturity of tea bag suppliers, the products are constantly updated the styles are becoming more more novel, showing a trend of diversification, individualization individualization.

Tea packaging industry is stimulated by tea industry, the development trend of plastic bag tea packaging industry cluster development path. Tea packaging cluster should avoid weaknesses in its development, adapt to the new situation the new demsituation, research development of environmental protection packaging, customer demand-oriented, in order to continuously develop grow.

"What is the development trend of tea packaging industry with OPP plastic bags" is elaborately prepared by our group. I remember what the article on plastic fresh-keeping bags said? These may not be comprehensive, we will explain in future articles for you!

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