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  • Testing of scratch resistance and adhesion
  • Add time:2018-11-22

The scratch resistance adhesion of coatings are important factors in post-press processing, also important factors to show the durability of printed products. Users sometimes use unscientific methods to judge these characteristics, such as nail scraping or adhesive tape. These are subjective judgment methods, which mainly rely on the judgment of each customer. There is no measurable data, but they can be used as a reference. Without objective testing conditions, after production, the adhesion of the coating can only be maintained for several hours if it is not stable after several days. During this period, the ink is oxidized dried, resulting in the generation of gases, which accumulate between the ink layer the coating layer, thus destroying the bonding. Therefore, it is reasonable to check the bonding degree only a few days after printing. Acetone is very suitable for testing the curing degree of ultraviolet (UV) coatings. The method is to wipe the coating with a cloth soaked with acetone. If the curing is not good, the coating will be dissolved. The German Printing Association (FOGRA) recommends some testing devices to check the ability to resist peeling bonding. The resistance of printed matter can be tested according to the methods provided by DIN16524 DIN16525.

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