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  • Is the material of express bags environmentally friendly?
  • Add time:2018-11-22

Regulations on express bags need to be improved

Pay attention to hygiene safety when unpacking

What kind of express bags are qualified? Reporters learned from Zhejiang Post Administration that the state has not yet promulgated laws regulations specifically for express bags.

It is understood that there is no clear standard for the strength material of express package products in China. At present, the standard of express bags in the industry can be referred to the National Standard for Express Packaging Products issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection Quarantine the National Standardization Management Committee, which is a recommended industry standard (no compulsory implementation required). The chapter of Part 3: Packaging Bags clarifies the types of packaging bags. Class specifications, technical requirements, packaging, marking other requirements.

Industry insiders call for relevant laws regulations to be promulgated as soon as possible, to bring packaging bag manufacturers into the scope of management, to establish traceability mechanism, to effectively standardize the production use of express bags.

As for the allergy caused by dismantling express delivery, the reporter also consulted Wang Ping, director of the second Department of Dermatology of Hangzhou Third Hospital. "The information mentioned in the news alone cannot verify confirm that the patient's symptoms are caused by contact with express bags," he said. He introduced that there are generally two groups of people will have similar symptoms: first, mechanical stimulation, long-term occupations or contact with certain types of goods, such as housewives who often contact washing products, construction workers who contact building materials; second, patients themselves have eczema, dermatitis, skin allergies other diseases, will appear similar situation.

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