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  • What is the status quo of customized express bags nowadays
  • Add time:2018-11-22

Unless the major express companies have customized express bags, there is the online shopping business, many businesses in order to give depositors a good image, as well as promote the image, play a promotional role, but also customized express bags with their own characteristics. In fact, to see whether the quality of express bags is good or bad, we should first look at whether the materials for making express bags are recycled materials or raw materials. Recycled materials generally have a pungent taste, sometimes the color is not stable.

Because they are all raw materials for recycling, because the color is related to the color of the recycled material the additives put in. Quoted price is cheap; materials made of express bags, no pungent taste, color can also be mastered, but the quotation is absolutely high, normal is twice the recycled material.

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