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  • Wholesale notice! How to select the best express bags quickly?
  • Add time:2018-11-22

1. Express bags manufacturer's size error is small, thin thick up to standard.

2. The glue adopts imported glue from abroad, which is more destructive can tear up the destructive effect if it stays for more than 2 minutes after sticking.

3. Waterproof, high low temperature resistance, good performance at - 10C.

4. Bag-making hot-sealing technology can fully ensure the strength of the side seals of each express bag ensure the safety of the packaged express.

5. Strong tenacity to ensure the privacy of express transportation.

6. high-quality plastic materials with stable tensile strength grains with relatively stable color

7. The process is unique advanced, the production efficiency is in the lead of the peers. Plastic bags of various specifications sizes can be customized.

8. Express bags manufacturer because of the large batch factory, the size will be slightly several millimeters after production, please forgive me!

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