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  • What are the procedures for the express delivery of bags?
  • Add time:2018-11-22

1. Customer consultation stage: Customers need the detailed specifications, customized units printing requests of express bags. The common specifications of express bags are divided into 2842 cm 3245 cm 3852 cm 4555 cm 4560 cm so on. Of course, the specifications of express bags are not limited.

2. Quotation stage: According to the specifications, customized quantity printing requirements of express bags provided by customers, we timely report the lowest ex-factory price to customers.

3. contract signing stage: the customer combines the quotation inspects the manufacturer's production capacity comprehensively. After reaching the cooperation intention, he signs the vest pocket order contract with the manufacturer, pays a deposit of 30%, or pays the full amount in Alipay.

4. Input into production stage: this stage is divided into making printed copper/offset plate, blowing film, printing, sealing cutting, packaging.

5. The final process is the delivery stage. The customer confirms the order completion information pays the contract balance.

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